Friday, August 31, 2012

Sadly, not much sewing going on.

I haven't had the chance to sew too much lately, which leaves me very antsy and a bit cranky (well, a lot cranky).   I've been running around, going to the gym again, took a kickboxing class, taking care of annoying things and not getting anywhere with them. 

I've got lots of projects in mind:

1) the Alma blouse ~ really want to sew it but haven't found the right fabric in my stash and so I'm waiting for next week to go fabric shopping. 

2) some other tops ~ I really need some tops but again, don't have the right fabrics/ colors in my stash so I'm just cutting out the patterns, thinking about tracing them (will probably not trace any but the Alma) and wondering where to find the fabrics for them.  I've gone to Joann's but I'm not really excited about the (limited) choices there.  There's a fabric shop close to me but for some reason, there just isn't a lot to choose from.  Just a few knits (very few prints) and lots of linens in pastel colors (eh, I don't do pastels very well).

3) a few dresses - same issue as with the first two.

4) I'm so excited about the new Tiramisu pattern coming up soon ~ I want that one too!

5) I have the Colette book and I want some things out of there but....

6) oh and I also want to fix up my sewing room and buy a serger.

So I'm in blah mode.  Lots I want to do, not enough fabric or time.  Does this happen to you?  What do you do to get yourself sewing again?  I'm thinking I may have to prioritize some projects and shop for fabric as I go through each pattern.

This weekend will be a three day weekend (Happy Labor Day!) and there'll be little time for sewing with another family birthday and visits from the adorable niece and nephew.  Of course I'll be spending my time with them at my sister's house (she's got the pool). 

I know I need to spend time fabric shopping and I wish I knew where some fabulous shops are.  I know there are awesome ones online but I really don't like to spend $10 + on shipping.  I wish I could take a quick trip to NYC and go shopping.  It's funny that when I lived there (practically my WHOLE life) I wasn't interesting in sewing.  Go figure.

Well, I hope everyone is sewing happily.  I will be soon :)  


  1. I haven't gotten in much sewing either, but at least your getting to the gym! I've been slack about that lately. I'm hoping to get a little more sewing done over the 3 day weekend. Hope you find some cute fabric for your alma!

    1. Yes getting to the gym is a good thing :)
      It's 9 pm now so I'm just tracing some pattern pieces and hoping I get some sewing tonight lol

  2. Oh! You're so sweet. :D I can't wait to get Tiramisu out there, I've been addicted to wearing the ones I made for myself..

    I suggest a very simple project, preferably one where you don't have to think too much. That's what usually jumpstarts me when I'm feeling the way you describe. :)

    1. I love the ones you've made for yourself. I think they look great and flattering so, of course I gotta one or five! lol

      I've got a simple maxi dress that I started :)


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