Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Butterick 5778

I'm nearly complete with another knit dress.  No surprise there, I sure do love my knits.  I'm not sure about this dress however. 

For this dress, I used Butterick 5778:

See how nicely the shoulders fit on her?  On me they are way too long and fall over my shoulder.  I was thinking of fixing that by gathering the shoulder edge and restitching.  It's going to be a guessing game because I haven't done that before and I'm not 100% how to - but I'm sure I can figure that out.  Or maybe fix it some other way, I'd like ideas but haven't found any on the 'net.

Also, the bodice is a bit big but that's okay - at least it's not ridiculously tight around my chest.  It looks modest and I prefer that. 

Here's a poor quality photo:
Don't mind that mess back there - my "creative" space is totally messy!
See that little camera I'm taking photos with?  Well, I'm saving for a new one but until then - I hope you don't mind the photo quality too much.  

So there's the dress on me.  I like the style of the dress but I'm not so sure I like the fabric.

It's a two-way stretch knit that I purchased from Fabric Mart (online) and it's sort of thin.   I thought of lining it but I figure I can wear a slip underneath.   I wish I could point out that droopy shoulder in the first picture but it's not too hard to see.  See on my shoulder there, how the fabric hangs over?  Huh?  Wth?  I've got to fix that before I can wear this out.  

Here's another dark pic.  Now that I think about it, I need a tripod too (let me put that on my Christmas list right now) - then I can take pictures outside with sunlight. 

I still need to add the belt and hem the skirt portion. 
Well, that's the back of the dress.  I think it definitely needs the belt and I'll wear it with a full slip (I tried it on with a half slip).  I'll take another pic when it's done and update this post at a later time.


  1. Given the draping and ruching going on gathering on the shoulder may be a good option. This colour is lovely :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad I was on the right track with gathering the shoulder.

  2. I love the color too! I'd do 2 rows of basting stitches along the shoulder seam, try the dress back on and pull the threads to gather them up to how it fits best, and then sew it down to some clear elastic. In the photo of the pattern it does look like she's got it folded over or gathered on the shoulder near the neckline, to help form the cowl. I just did a quick google search and it looks like No Time To Sew made this dress earlier this year - i knew i remembered seeing it! She might have some tips

    1. Also this one:

    2. Oh thanks!! that sounds like the perfect solution :)


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