Thursday, December 20, 2012

I found a Wrap Top Pattern!

I've been obsessing over a wrap top for a few weeks now.  I HAVE to have one.  I've order the Pavlova wrap top that Steph C from has coming out.  Today is the last day of the pre-sale FYI.  Unfortunately, I have to wait till February to get it! wah, I want it now.  So my search continued.

Welll, I found a pattern on Ebay that just might work.

 It's an 80's pattern I think but the polka dot view top is just what I'm looking for...maybe.  I really want something that will work with jersey or a double knit.  Maybe a  little longer on the hips too - kind of like a peplum look but wrapped.  Do you know what I mean?  I think it'll make a cute summer top.

Well, it's ordered since it was listed for a GREAT price.  It looks simple enough but I'm still going to make a muslin for it once I get it. 

I tried making one out of Simplicity 1880 - mmm yeah, not so much. 


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