Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Skirts, Two Dresses

I hope everyone's doing well after HS hit the north east.  That was a nasty one.  I used to live very close to the Rockaways so it was hard to see what happened on TV and on the news.  Thankfully, my friends were okay even though they lost power for a long while.  

Well, in between working and life keeping me busy, I was trying to destress (I don't think that's a word) by sewing a little.  Here's some new stuff I've made:

One: this is a simple dress made of challis:
It has a tie belt but it's hard to see against the print.  I can't remember which pattern I used since I made it a few weeks ago.  I still need to hem the skirt and finish the arm holes.  I'm not going to wear it until next summer so I'm not in a rush to finish it now.  As soon as I remember which pattern it is I'll update (can't believe I forgot!) 

I liked working with challis - it wasn't difficult at all and I didn't starch it or anything.  It was a very quick project.  

Two: I read a lot of sewing blogs and I'm really inspired by what so many of you make.  I hope one day to be just as goodThis skirt was inspired by Sunni and her denim Lonsdale skirt:

I really loved her skirt - and I wanted to test my skills at making one and then figuring out a waistband.  

It was my first time using my Sewaholic Lonsdale dress pattern and I have to say I LOVE this pattern.  The instructions are so easy!  I can totally see myself making the skirt portion a billion times over.  At some point I'll make the whole dress. 

Overall I'm happy with my skirt.  As you can see - the skirt still needs to be hemmed.  I've hemmed it twice already and I haven't been happy with the final result.  Now I've got the skirt pinned all around and I think I'll add hem tape to the bottom.  Or should I try a blind hem stitch?  (I just learned how to do that - yay for me!)  

I put an invisible zipper in the back and added a hook and eye to the waistband.  It's not perfect but no one is going to see that.  I always wear my tops over my waistband (I think a cowl neck Renfrew will look nice with this skirt).

I finished most of the inside seams with my serger and then sewed them down.  Is that called a faux French seam?  I think it is - I like the way it looks.  For the zipper seam, I used bias tape - just to see if I liked that method of finishing a seam and to use up some of my stash. 

I'm really happy with this pattern - I'm going to use it again and again.

Three:  I made a self-drafted pencil skirt.  I used Sew What! Skirts to complete my waistband. 

Look at that corner! 


Finished skirt with a blind hem stitch
 I'm pleased with the skirt - even though the print is really loud.  It's louder than I am used to but if I wear a black top (another Renfrew? maybe an Alma?) and black knee high boots - it should look fine.  I hope!

I used Simplicity 2054 to make this double knit dress: 

I cut my head off on purpose

It's a very comfy dress - I like the double knit.  It doesn't cling and it has some thickness to it and it's warm, which I need in my cold Artic office.  This is version C with version B sleeves.  I'm going to make this again with the cowl neck version and with longer sleeves.  This dress was soooo easy to make.  

I've got another dress on my cutting table and I'm working with StephC on fitting those Clovers - I've got to send her more pics on my latest take on them! And the Tiramisu is being shipped soon ~ can't wait!!!



  1. You've been busy! Great stuff! I need to get some double knit, love your navy dress

    1. Thanks! I can't emphasize enough how much I love double knits and jersey. Maybe too much - everything except the skirts are made with them! I need to expand and explore other fabrics :)

  2. Hello Jenny
    Just wanted say I am very proud of you. The best thing in life is when you do something you love.

  3. Hello Jenny
    Just wanted say I am very proud of you. The best thing in life is when you do something you love.


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