Monday, July 16, 2012

New Look 6886

So I'm going to try my hand at New Look 6886 - it's a cute dress, doesn't look very complicated.  The thing that's been tough for me is fit or choosing the right size.  I've been researching for days about how other people size and fit and it seems everyone has a different method. 

Here's a pic of the envelope:

What I decided to do was the cut all the pieces I needed for View D - which is what the model is wearing - and then measure and measure and measure.  Seems like all I do is measure!  Then I cut the muslin, which I am going to use to underline the dress.  Not sure if that's the right thing to do but I'm not sure who to ask.  oh well, trial and error - we'll see! 

So here's the muslin:

I basted the bodice and pinned the darts to get an idea of how it would look once sewn.  I wrapped it around me too to make sure it would fit.  Right now, it's pinned it to the dressform.  Side note - i need to find a tut to pad "Sally" up (my son chose her name lol).  Her hips are not the same size as mine.  Mine are wider, much wider ~ 

I just cut out the fabric I chose:

It's a cheapy fabric from Walmart on clearance.  It's 100% cotton though so I figured it should be good ? maybe? hope so? 
I know some people buy fabric online but I'm still learning about fabric and muslin and all this other stuff - I'm not very confident yet buying fabric I can't touch online.  And I figure it doesn't hurt as much if I mess up a cheapy fabric rather than a really nice one I love. *shrugs*

I've got the skirt front pinned to the dressform (no pic yet) and it's getting late so I guess I have to stop now.  Bummer.

if you happen to come across my blog I'd love some feedback - ideas, thoughts, opinions - it's all good!




  1. Hi Jenny, I'm new to sewing too, so I thought I'd leave you a quick note. I've started out with some cheap fabric as well. I would be more upset if something didn't turn out well but i had spent a lot of money on the fabric. One thing is to wash, dry, and iron the fabric before you start. I used some cheap fabric to make a simple shirt, and I think it would've turned out better if I had some better fabric, because this stuff had no drape. Working on a dress now and worried about the size and fit, but we'll see… I had considered starting a blog, but haven't made the leap yet. Best wishes with yours and happy sewing!

  2. Hi! Oh yes, I always prep my fabric first ~ it was one of the first things I learned. i should probably do a post on the beginner books I used :)

    I'd love to know how your dress turns out and what issues you had with the pattern ~

    Best wishes to you too! :)

    1. I attempted to start my blog last night! No posts yet, but I had planned the first one to be about books that have been helpful! Took photos last night because I love blogs with lots of photos. I'll have to check back to see how your dress turns out. Good luck!!

    2. That's awesome! I would love to see your blog when you post something. I think the post about the books is a good idea.
      I posted some new pics tonight ~ a little more progress on the dress...



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