Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just discovered the Narrow Hemmer Foot

Tonight I discovered my machine's Narrow Hemmer Foot.  I have a Brother sewing machine.  I purchased it for only $80 bucks on Amazon and it came with a bunch of accessories that are pretty cool.  Among them was the Narrow Hemmer Foot.  I discovered this little gem after I saw a tut and decided to try the tut.

The tut was for a cute summer top that has a faux ruffle across the top.  It requires a narrow hem (hence why I used the foot).  If you're interested in seeing the tutorial, go to mimigstyle.com.  Anyways, her top is way cute - mine ...well, I tried! lol.

But I got to use the Narrow Hemmer Foot and I'm really impressed.  I used a lightweight cotton and a small hem is great for it.  No pressing - just followed my machine's manual and sewed a small hem with it. 

Here's a pic of it:

So I've been really happy with this machine - it's got 25 stitches and I've only used about 5 so far.  I can't wait to get better and learn more so I can do more with it. 

Here's the top I made from Mimi's tut:

Since I'm a bit busty I don't think this type of top looks good on me.  It's a good thing it wasn't any longer because it would not have fit over my hips. 

Anyway, just wanted to mention the foot and my new top.  Not sure if anyone's reading this but :) 

Good night!


  1. Very cute fabric! I also have a Brother machine, but I haven't used the narrow hemmer foot yet. I got it out, hoping i could finish the edge of my knit skirt with it, but i don't think it likes knit fabric (too stretchy? too thick?or it's an operator error). I'm liking the overlock foot on mine. It's a great way to finish an inside seam when you don't have a serger because it does a zigzag that wraps over the edge and has a guide so that your fabric edge stays lined up when sewing.
    I have some family in the orlando area, but i'm in sc. Happy sewing!

  2. Hi and thank you! I haven't tried sewing with knit yet - I'm still a bit nervous about sewing with knit. I'm going to have to try the overlock foot - did that one come with your Brother? I have the 2600i - I have to check if that's one of the accessories it came with. I think the narrow hemmer foot works great with light cottons - it made a cute little edge. I tried taking a photo but the focus was really poor. I'll try again.
    Have a good day!

    :) Jenny

    1. I have a different model, but the "overlock" or "overcasting" foot looks like this:
      With knits I found a narrow zigzag works well (stitch 3 or 4 on my machine and a length and width of 2.5). Test on a fabric scrap and then stretch it to make sure the stitches don't pop. I found a tutorial that suggests sewing with a piece of tissue paper underneath to help stabilize the fabric. It helped! Then just tear it off afterward.
      I'll have to try a lightweight cotton for the narrow hemmer foot.

    2. Thanks for the pic - I must order! My local sewing shop has a clearance sale on some knits. I should've picked it up last weekend but I think I'll go tonight so I can begin practicing on knits. They were selling for $4/yard. In the meantime, I want to try your suggestion of using the zigzag stitch. I have a few patterns that call for knits so *crossing fingers* - let's see! :)


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