Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick review of some new Vogue Patterns

While looking at my emails this morning, I found an email from Vogue ~ NEW sewing patterns!  YAY! 
I went to the website right away to review them.

Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I saw this one, it would have sprayed all over my keyboard:


Why would I want squares over my nips?  To highlight them?  HA
And why have a line going down from the middle of the nip to the bottom of the blouse?  I don't want to insult anyone but bleh!  Makes no sense!

Are you looking for a gift for that crazy relative/friend of yours?  I've got a suggestion for you - a boxy straight jacket!    (why are the arms so big?) 


An oval/ egg shaped jacket?! This makes me think of a bug - all it needs are antennas! I want to step on it! Ack!!!

Hmmm, I don't love it....  the style of the jacket isn't too bad but there's something about those ovals I really don't like....

But I do like this (even though it's been seen many, many, many  times before):

and this (even though this style is pretty classic and there's more than a few versions of it out there):

There were some other new patterns but I think I'll stick to my pattern stash for now.  What did you think of the new Vogue patterns? 

A lil' dress fail :( ....

I wanted one last summer dress (it's still in the 80's here) and I decided on Vogue 1225.  I love this type of dress.  They are so easy to fit and wear. 

I measured and cut my fabric using my rotary cutter. It was getting late so I neatly stacked the fabric with its corresponding pattern piece.  When I came back the next evening to sew it - I realized that some of the pieces of fabric had shrunk!  Some of the pieces were about an inch smaller than the tissue pattern.  What happened?  I have no idea.  I know I didn't stretch the fabric while I cut it, maybe the fabric was poor quality?  Have you ever experienced this? 
 I'm bummed about it because it was the last stash of jersey knit I had and there were so many pieces to cut out - Ugh! 
So it's all in a bag right now - sadly, I do not have that pretty dress to show you.  I'm not sure if I'll go back to it, at least not right now.

In the meantime, I've got lots that I'm planning on doing.  I focus most of my garment-making on things I can wear to work (which unfortunately excludes denim pants or skirts- WAAAA). 

My list includes: the Anise jacket, Steph's Tiramisu (which should be delivered soon ~ can't wait!), I may try the Juniper pants (not sure yet), the Alma blouse, more Renfrews (a cowl neck version would be great!), a Lonsdale skirt  and shirtdress as inspired by Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch  (check out the links to those dresses on her blog - OMG, they are awesome).  

On the cutting table right now is a self-drafted flower pencil skirt.  I will take photos and show you that once I'm done with the fitting.  I still have to add the waistband and hem it.  I should be done with it this weekend.

Hopefully, I can get the muslin for the Anise done (with alterations) and finish up my pencil skirt.  What are your plans this weekend? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Knit Dress and Renfrew

Clover update - to be continued....

In the meantime....

A knit dress!  Vogue 1224

My version:
I made my dress a little longer so I could wear it work.  I also made a fuller skirt.  This dress was so easy to sew together - there are no closures to worry about.  There's elastic around the neckline which makes it gather really nicely.  I also put in elastic around the waist but it's a little too big.  I should've made the elastic a little tighter.  oh well, it still works.  I'm going to have to look for more print knits to make a few more.

I also made a Renfrew:
I LOVE it!  It's the first one I've made even though I've had the pattern for a while.  It's so comfy and soft - I definitely want a cowl neck/long sleeve one.

and now....back to the Clovers.....

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clover: Part ....4 (skipped 2 and 3)

It's been a while since my last post.  Apologies for that.  I could tell you the reasons why but they're not terribly exciting or happy/positive so I'll just talk about the sewing.  But it's a good thing that I'm sewing again :)

Maybe it's just that I've never done a pair of pants before and I'm still adjusting to my "curves" (to put it nicely), but these pants make me want to pull my hair out!  Or flip a table or curse someone out.  Argh!!   I have so far worked on 3 muslins - each with a different adjustment. Not one adjustment has worked so far (grrrrrrrr).

As of this weekend, I decided to start from scratch (no adjustments) and just sew it up.  I purchased some fabric from Joann's (I know, I know but that's the only reasonably priced fabric place around me) with 97% cotton and  3% spandex.  I figured a little stretch would be good, especially for my hips.  I also decided to experiment with finishing the seams.  I used a mock flat fell seam using my serger to finish one end and my sewing machine to finish it off.  Click here for a tutorial for the mock flat fell seam
A serged seam (not a mock flat fell seam)  I LOVE my serger :)

  I do like the way it looks. In hindsight though I should've kept it simple while I was still fitting.  Oopsie oh well.

So for my 4th version of these *&^*ing pants there are a few issues which I'm not sure how to resolve.
1. The front sits higher than the back making the back of the pants sit a little low.  I feel like it looks like I have a wedgie. Ew.  Not sure how to straighten that out. 
2. The pant legs are too wide ~ which means I have to take them in now but I'm worried about how that will affect the crotch area.  Well that's not too bad, at least they're not too tight!
3. The crotch is a little baggy.  The bagginess goes away when I pull the pants way up high on my waist. um yeah, no.
Sorry no pics for the fitting of these pants.  I'm not brave/courageous enough.

On the good side:
1. I put in an invisible zipper with my metal invisible zipper foot and attached a facing to the waistband ~ yay!  That's an accomplishment for me.  I used this tutorial to help me
2. Uh, can't think of another, except I'm glad to be sewing again.  I missed it.
So if I really want to get these Clover's right ~ another version it will be.  I'll work on that. Sigh

In the meantime, I needed a sense of accomplishment so I sewed this easy dress up:
 Ugh, it looks like a sack.  Then again, when I put it on (right after I finish sewing that right sleeve in.  I had to take it out after I realized I put it in all wrong *rolling eyes*) it looks different.  Thankfully, my hips give it more shape.  This is Simplicity 2054 version B:

I used a double knit which is so comfy.  I'll probably wear this when it gets cooler out and with booties. Maybe I'll take a pic when I finally wear it.  It's too hot for 89 degree weather!

I learned how to alter a pattern with this dress because my hips needed a larger size.  The larger size is on another envelope so I used this book to help me:
Since the dress is a one piece design, this book helped a lot by using the pivot method.  It worked for me!
I also have a couple of other books that I'm going to read (especially the pant fitting section).  One is Perfect Fitting by Sarah Veblen and The Classic Guide to Altering Patterns: The Perfect Fit.  I'll share photos next time. 

So that's it for now.  Still working on the Clover's and I've got to read my two new books to see if any of them can help me with those pants.

Happy Sewing :)